Discover Duffel

Fort Duffel

The railroad fort of Duffel was built in the late nineteenth century to defend the Brussels-Antwerp railroad line. The fort is part of the outer belt of forts around Antwerp. Now the fort houses an experience exhibition and a brasserie. Volunteer fort guides are happy to lead you around the fort during their monthly tours. Groups can book a tour at a time of their choice.

Castle ruins Ter Elst

The origins of Ter Elst Castle ruins date back to the distant Middle Ages. In the 15th century it was expanded into a magnificent castle. It regularly hosted high-ranking guests, such as Margaret of York and Philip the Handsome. From the 17th century it was used as a rectory. In 1799, the castle was seized by the French occupiers and sold. Over seventy years later, the estate was given an industrial use. Until World War I, a brickworks operated there. After heavy damage in 1914, the castle deteriorated further.

In 1972, the municipality purchased the castle ruins. In 2020, Kempens Landschap took over management to initiate much-needed restoration. In May 2021, architectural firm Erfgoed & Visie was appointed to prepare the restoration of the Ter Elst castle ruins on the Nete. This architectural firm already realized the restoration of the railroad fortress and Cinema Plaza in Duffel. This is the next step in restoring the ruin and using it as an event location. The monument is protected.