Green Key

Van der Valk Hotel Mechelen is making every effort to be certified with the Green Key certificate. Green Key is the first quality label that highlights sustainable travel, meetings and relaxation. Those who visit a Green Key location can count on the planet to benefit, without sacrificing comfort or affordability.

Measures we take to contribute to a better world:

  • We send quotations and confirmations digitally whenever possible and not by mail or paper. There is as little printing as possible and everyone's digital signature includes a 'think before you print' reminder. Ecologically responsible paper is used
  • We use ECO-labeled printing paper and toilet paper
    In our dishes we work as much as possible with local, fair trade & organic products, which is not only very tasty but also sustainable!
  • Our menu includes numerous vegetarian options
  • We separate all waste in the hotel
  • We use LED lighting and it works almost everywhere on timers & detectors
  • Our guests can choose not to have the room cleaned during their stay and reuse the towels
  • The hotel is fully equipped with water-saving showers, faucets and toilets
  • We work with sustainable suppliers who also work with an environmental policy statement, we work with a limited number of different suppliers to reduce the fuel impact
  • We use as little mono-packaging as possible to minimize plastic waste
  • The water tap provides filtered drinking water in reusable glass bottles
  • Our cleaning products are eco-labeled
  • Our network of suppliers combines the freight of 5 other Van der Valk hotels so a truck always drives with maximum load!
  • There are solar panels on our roof that provide the hotel with part of its electricity