Het Predikheren

If you come to Mechelen, a visit to the most beautiful library in the country should not be missed. A dynamic cultural hotspot of Mechelen, Het Predikheren is located in the buildings of a former monastery.

Built between 1650 and 1735, it is a baroque monastery with a church, with an eventful history. The Mechelen Preachers were expelled from their monastery by the French occupiers in 1796. The complex confiscated by the government was then put to a variety of military uses, such as a barracks, an arms depot and a military hospital.

For 35 years, the beautiful monastery stood languishing until it was decided by the City of Mechelen in 2010 to house the city library. The monastery was fully restored between 2011 and 2019. The restoration of the accompanying church, by the way, is still underway and will be completed in 2024. Like den Ouwen Dok, Het Predikheren is a protected monument and won the real estate award and the public award in 2020. Het Predikheren also houses lunch bar Barbib and Michelin star restaurant Tinelle.