Discover Willebroek

Fort Breendonk

The Fort Breendonk National Memorial is one of the best preserved testimonies to Nazi horror during World War II. During a haunting visit, you will discover the dark history of SS-Auffanglager Breendonk. From the chilly dormitories and the forced labor yard to the torture chamber and the execution yard, the entire site breathes the horror that the prisoners endured under German rule. Through witnesses, photographs and film footage, you will get to know those who suffered and died here for our freedom. The fort is open almost every day.


Are you a nature lover? Then visit Blaasveldbroek which is known for its rolling hills, wooded areas and open meadows. It is the ideal destination for hikers and nature lovers. In addition to being rich in nature, Blaasveldbroek is also home to several archaeological remains that provide a glimpse into the lives of its former inhabitants. Whether you are looking for beautiful nature or lost history, you will find it all in beautiful Blaasveldbroek!