Discover Puurs

Fort Liezele

Visit Fort Liezele, a 19th-century fort built to defend the city of Antwerp from possible invasions. Today, the fort is open to the public and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Explore the fort's underground tunnels and learn more about its fascinating history.

Mill Museum

Puurs is known for its rich mill history. The Mill Museum is therefore a must-see for anyone interested in Belgian history. The museum offers exhibits on the country's mill heritage and a working replica of a water mill. Admission to the Mill Museum also includes access to Fort Liezele. So combine these attractions especially when visiting Puurs.

Alpaca Puurs

In addition, no visit to Puurs can be complete without meeting the friendly alpacas of Alpaca Puurs! At this alpaca farm, you can feed and pet these adorable animals, as well as participate in a walk or tour.