Winter Garden of the Ursuline nuns


Winter Garden of the Ursuline nuns

We have no idea what prompted the Ursuline nuns in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver to make the rather bold decision to build this truly magnificent Art Nouveau building. After all, this style was considered hyper-modern in 1900. And yet, this enchanting Winter Garden with its colourful stained glass cupola was considered the most stunning feature of their boarding school, for young girls from good families. What’s even more intriguing is that nobody knows who designed the Winter Garden. And yet the architect’s design skills are unparalleled.

Don’t believe us? Well, come take a look for yourself because this is Art Nouveau at its most resplendent.

It’s always spring in the winter garden

Entering the Winter Garden feels like a never-ending spring. Just look around at the enchanting interaction between light and colour! Rays of gold shoot across the multi-coloured glass cupola. It has a Morning, Day and Evening side, which are popular themes in Art Nouveau. The glass panes are simply teeming with plants and animals. And because it is a garden after all there are also several ferns, plants and flowers.

Step into a different world

The Winter Garden is part of a magnificent listed complex, which is a stunning mix of architectural styles including Art Nouveau with neo-Gothic elements, neo-Empire style and Art Deco. It’s as if you have stepped into a different world. Names like the Empire Corridor, the Alpine Room, the La Fontaine refectory, the Piano Gallery and the Grand Staircase will spark your imagination.

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